Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to Learning

We are getting back into the groove after our Spring Break! 

 Mr. Bauer came to teach us some new songs in music class. He even brought some of the seventh and eighth grader to join our class. 

 We are practicing our letters and getting our handwriting ready for Miss Miller's class!

We are learning about the letter X this week. We practiced sounding out the words fox, fix, box, ox, and six.  Then we took turns recognizing a certain word. 

This afternoon we had our walkathon celebration! Our class won a movie, popcorn, and prizes! Thank you for helping make our walkathon so successful! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Learning About the Weather

During this theme we have been learning about the weather. We read a lot of books to learn about different kinds of weather since we have a lot of sunny days. 

Each child created a weather journal. On the cover they drew a picture of their favorite kind of weather. Another day we talked about the weather outside and the children drew a sunny day picture and wrote the word sun. Each child took a turn sharing his or her journal with the class. 

 We also talked about wind and how we could make wind with our own body. The children created "wind art" by blowing through a straw to move paint around their paper.

 The children also created their own sun by cutting out a circle, coloring it, and gluing rays. They made an AB pattern while gluing down the rays.

Weekly Curriculum

Bible Story- Jesus Dies on the Cross
Math- AABB and ABC Patterns
Literacy- Season words, letter w
Sight Word- she, he
Handwriting- Review  G,S,J,D,P,B,R
Science- Watching Seeds Grow, Seasons
Social Studies- Spring Celebration
Art- Easter place mats, "stained glass" cross

On Friday we will have our class Easter Party!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sky Art

Last week we learned a lot about the sky, sun, moon, stars, and clouds. We worked together to create a sky collage. Some of us painted clouds and others traced and cut out stars. 

Walkathon Pictures

We had such a great time at the Walkathon!
If you haven't turned in you pledges yet, please bring them by Friday.