Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Plant Vocabulary

This week we start our new theme "Nature All Around Us." We are learning vocabulary words that deal with plants. Yesterday we talked about the definition of each word and how to recognize the words based on the first letter. We learned the words: plant, seeds, root, tree, vine, flower, and petals. Today in our journals we each picked a word, glued it in our notebook, and then drew a picture to show what our word meant. 

Weekly Curriculum

Bible Story- The Rich Man and Poor Lazarus
Math- Intro to Addition (How Many All Together?)
Literacy- Family Fun book continued, plant vocab. words
Sight Words- review
Handwriting- Z, 10
Science- Parts of a Plant, Planting a Seed, Watching Seeds Grow
Social Studies- From Apple Seeds to Apple Juice
Art- Painting Sun and Moon, Flower Prints

This week we are working on our third quarter assessments! It's so fun it see how much everyone has grown in just a few short weeks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Karate Session

 Last week the children took turns breaking boards for their final karate session! The new session started today, but it's not too late to sign up your child. Your child may try out a class if he or she is interested.

Weekly Curriculum

Bible Story- Jesus and the Ten Sick Men
Math- A Fair Share, (intro to division)
Literacy- Family Fun book, Rhyming Words
Sight Words- we
Handwriting- X, Y, 9
Science- Emergencies, When to Call 911
Social Studies- Keeping Your Body Safe, Playground Safety
Art- Stop Signs, Paper Plate Flowers

Thursday, March 13, 2014


The walkathon is coming soon! Make sure you create a profile page for your child! Go the the website spwalkathon2014.myevent.com/ to get started.

We are also looking for many volunteers and people to cheer on the K4 children!

Check out the awesome prizes! Our goal is 100% participation!!

K4-8 Classroom Prize Sheet

50% of Class Goal-Pop Corn Bar and Movie

75% of Class Goal-Pop Corn bar and Movie AND Ticket for Prize Booth

100% of Class Goal-Pop Corn Bar and Movie AND Ticket for Prize Booth AND Jeans Day Pizza Party
EXAMPLE: K4 Class with 21 students:

K4 class goal for 50%=$1,312.50
K4 class goal for 75%=$1,968.50
K4 class goaf for 100%=$2,625.00

$150 Toys R Us Gift Card

Dodger Stadium Family 4 Pack

$150 Visa Gift Card

Weekly Curriculum

Bible Story- The Good Samaritan
Math- Making and Reading a Bar Graph
Literacy- Letter S, A Fireman
Sight Words- review
Handwriting- Name, V, W
Science- Healthy Foods, Heartbeat, Sometimes Foods
Social Studies- Table Manners, Setting up a Table,
Art- Cut and Paste Fruit, Garden Markers

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Working Together

We love learning by working together! This week we read a book called the Beastly Feast. Then we talked about table manners and practiced taking turns setting up a table. We are all ready to help our families with dinner time now! 

We also worked together to make a graph with our bodies. We read a story called How Does Your Salad Grow? and then talked about our favorite things to put on a salad. We used the squares on our carpet to make a graph. Celery was the favorite salad topping in our class.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Making a Graph

This week our math concept is learning about bar graphs. We created our own graph as a class today. Each child picked their favorite healthy drink and used a sticky note to mark it. After everyone voted, we discussed which one had the most votes and how we can make sure our answer is right. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekly Curriculum

Bible Story- Jesus Walks on Water
Math- Measuring Water, Comparing Capacity, Equal
Literacy- Letter R, Outside book
Sight Words- see
Handwriting- 8, N, Shape Review
Science-Germs, Healthy Food, First Aid
Social Studies- Needs/Wants,
Art- Doctor's Bag, Alphabet Garden                                              

Cartoon/TV Character Day

 The best dressed K4 students on Cartoon/TV Character Day!

We had so fun much playing the water balloon toss.